14CUX Fuel Injection Performance Upgrades

Thanks to the extensive work carried out on 14CUX fuel injection systems by Mark Adams at Tornado Systems we have access to a wide range of tuning chips to suit virtually any application you may be looking for.

Swapping the chip in the ECU for a Tornado Systems chip improves power, torque and economy, and all of the tunes have been developed and tested after many hours on a rolling road.

Changing the chip for a Tornado Systems chip results in a range of benefits which improve many characteristics of the way the car starts, drives and peforms. The fuelling maps remove the compromises that the original maps have but there are also improvements in start-up fuelling and idle quality.

If you have modified the engine, particularly enlarging the capacity, then the fuelling maps must be changed to suit. Different camshafts, cylinder heads and exhausts all have their effects on performance and a chip can be selected to give the optimum results in the RPM range required.

This is the ECU – the yellow label shows that this ECU has been chipped.DSC_0430

Inside the ECU, we can get access to the chip – on most ECUs the original chip is soldered to the board and needs to be removed and a socket soldering in its place. The board is very easily damaged when removing the chip, so unless you have experience in working with electronic assemblies we would recommend leaving it to someone who has.


We don’t keep chips in stock, as there are so many variations they are all special order from Tornado Systems. Please call us to discuss your requirements – standard 3.5 litre to wild 5 litres and more!

When a chip upgrade is performed, there are a number of settings that will need to be checked or adjusted such as base idle speed, throttle position sensor, tune resistor etc. and then road testing.

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