Direct Injection (DI) conversions

If you have a car with a port-injection petrol engine, it's very likely that we can convert it to run on LPG with a conventional sequential LPG system. However, many modern petrol engines have evolved to take advantage of direct-injection technology. This has resulted in much better fuel economy, and more power and flexibility from small engines. Unfortunately we cannot use the normal universal LPG conversion systems to convert these vehicles.

The good news is that we are fully trained on the latest Prins direct-injection systems. However, we can only convert direct-injection engined vehicles for which Prins have produced a system -

You can download the latest list of available DI systems from here.

If you wish to convert a direct-injection vehicle that isn't on the list, we can make enquiries on your behalf - it may be planned or in the works, or you may be the first to ask for it - in some cases your vehicle would have to be converted by Prins in Holland and they would develop the new system on your car to the potential benefit of other owners of the same model!

The fastest route to getting up and running on LPG is to choose a car with a port-injection engine, or choose a car that's on the list with exactly the same model year and engine code as specified on the list. Any DI system we buy in is special order and takes about 4-5 weeks to come in.

It's all a bit messy and confusing, but we're happy to help - just call or email us for information or advice.

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