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2010 Supercharged Range Rover Autobiography

Ever since LPG conversions became available, Range Rovers have been one of the most popular vehicles to convert, until 2009 when Jaguar Land Rover brought out the 508PS engines which use Direct-Injection, requiring a specially engineered conversion solution.

Prins have addressed this with a new system, released in May 2016. We have already performed one of these conversions, and the results are simply stunning. Performance of this amazing engine is undiminished by the conversion, the only difference you will notice is in the lower running cost! Petrol consumption is very low, in common with other Prins VSI-DI conversions, resulting in great savings.

Range Rover 508PS Engine
Range Rover 508PS Engine

The same 508PS engine is used in the 2009-2012 L322 Range Rover, the 2009-2013 Range Rover Sport and the 2013-2014 L405 Range Rovers. Please call us for more information on converting your Range Rover.

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